Philip Anthony Enopia Jan 14th, 2021 People

Transcom Tayo Stories - Christmas Tree of Hope

The Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world. As early as September, Christmas songs can already be heard playing while families already put up trees and decorations to usher in the spirit of the season. More importantly, gift-giving among families and friends truly spells Christmas in the Philippines as the season of love, care, and of hope.
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Philip Anthony Enopia Oct 23rd, 2020 People

Transcom Tayo Stories in the Time of Pandemic - CJ

CJ Aparicio is a supervisor in our Iloilo site. She was part of the site’s skeletal workforce during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in March and eventually transitioned to working at home when the company started transitioning to alternative work arrangements as a business intervention to the ongoing pandemic.
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Roberta Schiappadori May 15th, 2020 Innovation

T: University – una nuova piattaforma di e-learning globale

Transcom ha lanciato una nuova piattaforma di e-learning on line, per dare la possibilità a tutti i dipendenti di approfondire le proprie conoscenze ovunque si trovino e in qualunque momento. La nuova T:University permetterà a tutti i lavoratori di scegliere tra un ampio catalogo di corsi, sempre aggiornato, per seguire on line le classi virtuali o i video di formazione.
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