Eduardo Valdelomar Apr 10th, 2019 Innovation

Intercompany automation

In a big international company like Transcom, there is a huge volume of intercompany transactions. These operations have a relevant impact in the accounting, taxes and legal reports in ea...

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Roberta Schiappadori Mar 28th, 2019 Perspectives

Transcom presente alla Quarta Customer Service Conference a Milano

Non abbiamo mai avuto così tanti modi di comunicare e così poche occasioni di catturare l’attenzione delle persone. Ecco perchè il Customer Service assume una rilevanza unica all’interno della strategia multicanale delle aziende. Questo il tema della quarta edizione della Customer Service Conference, l’evento annuale organizzato dal Cmi - Customer Management Insight, tenutasi mercoledì 27 marzo al Palazzo delle Stelline di Milano. 
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Jakob Westgren Nov 23rd, 2018 Innovation

RPA - Superpowering your contact center

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can support your contact center in various ways, some of the core parts where RPA can make a huge difference to your contact center are outlined below. Transcom has worked with automation technologies for many years and has substantial experience in their application e.g. RPA in contact centers.
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Helene Ruda Sep 27th, 2018 Perspectives

Welcome to the new Transcom!

Creating Smarter People Experiences Today doesn’t mark a new era in Transcom’s history. What is new is that we now have a brand identity that truly and properly reflects us as a company....

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Philip Sköld Apr 12th, 2018 Innovation

Transcom’s Live Chat solutions

There has never been a more exciting time to be working with customer experience. We are witnessing the rise of a digital world led by millennials; the most educated, affluent, assertive,...

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