Roberta Schiappadori May 15th, 2020 Innovation

T: University – una nuova piattaforma di e-learning globale

Transcom ha lanciato una nuova piattaforma di e-learning on line, per dare la possibilità a tutti i dipendenti di approfondire le proprie conoscenze ovunque si trovino e in qualunque momento. La nuova T:University permetterà a tutti i lavoratori di scegliere tra un ampio catalogo di corsi, sempre aggiornato, per seguire on line le classi virtuali o i video di formazione.
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Stefan Berg Sep 16th, 2019 Innovation

Happy birthday T:Labs!

To meet the demands of a fast moving industry and be at the forefront of innovation to help our clients grow, we are now announcing the birth of T:Labs, an innovation hub that is cross fu...

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Helene Ruda Jun 10th, 2019

Transcom awarded Best Cloud Implementation

In the grand finale of the annual Interactions EMEA conference, NICE announced the winners of the CX Excellence Award, five organizations that excelled in the delivery of service and leve...

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Eduardo Valdelomar Apr 10th, 2019 Innovation

Intercompany automation

In a big international company like Transcom, there is a huge volume of intercompany transactions. These operations have a relevant impact in the accounting, taxes and legal reports in ea...

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