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Tessa Brink Jun 30th, 2017

The Great Transcom Bake Off

The Dutch Transcom team has shown exceptional creativity in the first Great Transcom Bake Off. The contest took place in early April and served as a fund raiser for the local Animal Ambulance. 12 Transcom team members put their baking skills to test, the results of which were professionally tasted by the jury, including local General Manager Joop Evers. The cakes were rated on taste, texture, presentation and creativity. The cakes, a wide variety of flavors and types ranging from Oreo to double layer fondant, were put up for sale to raise money for the local Animal Ambulance. The jury was all praises for the bakers’ creativity and applauded them for their commitment to supporting the volunteers at the Animal Ambulance. Eva de Vries was declared the proud winner of the contest, an 8/10 as per the jury. She brought the perfect balance between taste, creativity and presentation - a beautiful cake that tasted just as delicious. Yvonne Splinter and Ginette Loer came in second and third. Brilliant job by all of you! Transcom Netherlands gladly doubled the amount that Transcom’s Next Top Bakers raised and is happy to support the local Animal Ambulance, a voluntary organization that collects sick and wounded animals and brings them to an animal shelter where their owners can pick them up once they recover. The volunteers work selflessly and are 24/7 available for emergencies, a tremendously devoted group of people. ( Great Bake Off
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